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Our Story

Belle Mead Physical Therapy is a privately owned clinic opened by Mark Nagel, PT in 1990. Mark and his staff of highly skilled orthopedic and physical therapists have been providing the Central Jersey community with the best in physical therapy ever since.

Our philosophy is to provide the best services in sports and orthopedic rehabilitation to our community. We strive to obtain the highest level of function and improvement by treating each patient in a comprehensive and compassionate manner, while also providing a comfortable and friendly environment. We place an emphasis on preventing reoccurring injuries by addressing the predisposing causes of the injury or condition. Our staff promotes the the prevention, care, and rehabilitation of sports and orthopedic injuries through individualized care, patient education, state of the art equipment, and the encouragement of an overall healthy lifestyle.

Mark Nagel
Mark Nagel, PT


Mark is the founder of Belle Mead Physical Therapy. He graduated from Daemen College in 1984, and has been practicing sports and orthopedic rehabilitation for over 36 years. Mark opened Belle Mead Physical Therapy with a vision to provide a comfortable and encouraging environment for outpatient physical therapy services. Mark and his highly skilled staff are dedicated to providing their patients with top quality physical therapy care. 

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